Product Description

Mink Sienna Grace

Named after the founders niece… The Sienna Grace lash has a strong texture, fluffy feel & a super glam look

  • Named after the founder's (Maria) niece
  • Strong texture
  • Fluffy feel & a super glam look!
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  • 1

    Before gluing the lashes on, you will need to make sure they are not too wide for your eye. Hold the lash strips up against your eyelid, and trim them down on the sides if necessary

  • 2

    Apply glue to the eyelash.

  • 3

    Wait for the glue to dry slightly

  • 4

    Place the strip on your eyelid, positioning it as close as possible to your natural lashes.

  • 5

    You may Apply mascara to your lashes. This will help blend your natural lashes with the false ones